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Trust us to help you to provide a risk-free environment that protects your personnel, customers, valuable assets and stock.

Varsity Fire Consultants Ltd draws on over 50 years of experience within the passive fire protection industry.

We have had experience on most building types including: Hospitals, pharmaceuticals, theatres, historical buildings, hotels, residential apartments, airports, offices and industrial warehouses. Our staff have knowledge of a vast number of passive fire protection systems
both old and new.

Our highly experienced inspectors hold current diplomas in passive fire protection, cavity barriers, fire seals and linear gap seals. This allows us to carry out surveys and identify whether the current systems have been installed correctly and are offering your building the correct protection. We would also note and report on any new breaches in fire walls and floors.

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If you are responsible for the maintenance of an occupied building and require a comprehensive survey please contact us to discuss.