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Data Policy

We care about you and your data.

Data Provided By You

If you choose to either email us or contact us directly through this website you will be required to provide us with information such as your name, email address, phone number as well as potential details about services you may be interested in.

This information is only used by us in order to fulfil the requirement at hand such as answering your query or providing quotations for example. Your data is never passed on or sold and once we completed our dealings with you the data is deleted.

We will never contact you trying to sell you a new product or service unless we have prior agreement to do so, this is never assumed. We don't do call calls, we never have & we never will.


We use HTTPS as a method of communicating with you. In English, it means we encrypt data at both ends so no peeking eyes in the middle can intercept communications. That being said, always be careful of what you are sharing with this or any website. Don't share bank details or winning lottery numbers with people you do not trust.


A cookie is a small file which is stored locally on your machine. It can be thought of as a note which is created by the website to remember things during a visit or when you visit in the future. Selling sites for example rely on cookies to remember whats in your shopping basket as you browse around. Cookies can be disabled on your machine within your security settings.

Site Tracking

This site uses Google Analytics which is a type of tracking software. While the thought of something tracking you might sound like something straight out of a horror movie it's actually not scary at all.

Google Analytics collects anonymous details about your visit to our site. Such information includes which pages you visit, how long you spend there and if you perform certain actions such as get in touch with us or share something to social media. At no point can any personal information about you be determined.

This information can then be used by us to improve our website and services.

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