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We are experts within the passive fire protection industry.


Hotels Inspections

We have carried out the fire stopping and fire door survey for hotels throughout the country.

We have produced reports to the buildings responsible person to allow them to appoint an installer and bring the building up to regulations.


School Rewiring

After an extensive rewire and fire alarm upgrade we have surveyed all existing fire stopping throughout the building & reported the damage to the building owner.

This has led to the fire stopping repairs and has satisfied the buildings insurer as the property is now upgraded to current standards.

Modern Roof

Pharmaceutical Refurbishment

Following a recent refurbishment where new pipes and cables were installed we were asked to survey the fire stopping.

Many seals had been damaged by the new cables and pipes. We provided a photographic report which helped the fire stopping installers identify what was required to maintain the fire integrity of the buildings.

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If you are responsible for the maintenance of an occupied building and require a comprehensive survey please contact us to discuss.