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Passive Fire Protection

The fire protection of any building is a vital part of the safety of both the structure and its occupants.

We commit ourselves to provide you with a comprehensive study and survey of your premises to ascertain the current level of protection and report on any requirements to upgrade to building regulations.


Our experience of working within live medical facilities enables us to complete our survey around the busy environments of all areas of hospitals and clinics.


Our knowledge of pharmaceutical buildings and campuses enables us to know what this type of environment needs to comply to the latest regulations.


Having gained experience of working in live theatres we know the requirements needed to ensure regulations are met whilst working around shows and rehearsals.


Having worked in hotels throughout the country we have acquired the knowledge necessary to carry out our works efficiently to keep all occupants safe from fire.


Working with the owners and users of all types of residential buildings our knowledge of fire protection allows us to identify the passive fire protection requirements needed.


We have experience of all types of educational facilities from small schools to large city universities and colleges to offer our fire protection surveys and compartmentation reports.


We undertake our surveys on all types of office buildings both large and small. Our experience enables us to work in these live environments and follow any necessary protocols.


Our experience of working in this sector has helped us gain the knowledge necessary to carry out our surveys in a safe and efficient manner.


Experience of museums, listed buildings and place of architectural importance allows us to give you the comprehensive survey you require to keep these buildings fire safe.

What is Passive fire Protection?

Passive fire protection aims to contain and delay the spread of smoke, fire and heat throughout a building. This is provided by sealing around penetrating services such as cables, pipes, ductwork etc through walls and floors to compartmentalise the property in accordance with your fire strategy. This provides vital minutes to saves lives of the occupants, the fire service, building assets and the structure of the building.

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